Per Metroplex Bylaws, the only reasons to request a reschedule are: a) the team is going to a tournament. Each team is allowed to request a weekend off for 2 tournaments in a soccer year, which includes the fall and the spring seasons, b) a school event that will drop the team below or at the required playing strength for the game minimums-(U7/8 is 4, U10 is 5, U11 & older is 7), c) coaching more than one recreational team of which both teams play in Metroplex Soccer Alliance and a conflict develops to where 1 team would not have a coach (if 90% of scheduled games are without a conflict then the 1 game will not be rescheduled). The reqest is made using the Reschedule Request form. Do not contact the other coach or the home association's referee assignor to reschedule the game. If this is done, the request will be denied. In the case of rained out games, the assignor for the home team will automatically reschedule the games within 72 hours. Please monitor your schedule when this occurs. If a conflict develops from this reschedule, you must submit the reschedule request. Once the schedule is published, you have till the Friday prior to the 2nd weekend of the schedule to submit any reschedule request. Any request after that date will require a $25 change fee. If you coach 2 MSA teams, MSA strives to eliminate conflicts for you. However if you get 9 out of 10 games without conflicts that is the best MSA can do. Do not ask for a reschedule for the 1 game that you have a conflict with. It will not be granted.