Welcome to returning coaches and hello to all coaches new to Metroplex Soccer Alliance (MSA). MSA is 7 associations that have joined together to provide teams with a wider opportunity of competition. The members are Cleburne, Crowley, Glen Rose, Granbury, Mineral Well, Stephenville, and Weatherford.  MSA is governed by the Executive Board: President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer.

Decisions made for MSA are done through the associations voting on bylaws, policies, team placement in divisions and any other issues. There are Age Group Commissioners (AGC) for different age groups. You will work with your AGC on any issue that you may have. The Executive Board may become involved in issues if the AGC has a need or it is an issue that spans across age groups. Please contact them with your concerns.

Contact information as well as other information, forms, etc. can be found on the web site: www.metroplexsoccer.org.

Here is a nutshell of needed information, but we have more detailed information on the web site or in the Bylaws.

TEAM FACT SHEETS: Prior to each season a team fact sheet MUST be completed for each MSA team. If you coach more than 1 MSA team (does not apply to non MSA teams) then you MUST complete one for each team AND specify which team will be given morning games and which team will have afternoon games, a 3rd team cannot be considered.

Once the schedule has been published, MSA WILL NOT reschedule for game conflicts for your 2 teams due to your failure to notify us. Only in the case of a coach having 2 teams will MSA allow requests for am or pm games. An assistant coach is a necessity for both teams as Metroplex will strive for a 90% conflict resolution.

MSA schedules are released first then the home association will resolve conflicts that you have with a younger team. Please realize that MSA usually has ~125/130 teams and there are ~ 600 games each 10 week season.

DIVISIONS: The division meeting is held in mid-August for the fall and mid-February for the spring. You, as the coach, may attend this meeting, but only the association's representative is allowed to voice concerns or opinions during the discussions. Each AGC reviews the previous season standings and adjusts for the placement of teams. Each fall we have teams that due to age will move up to the next age group (happens every fall!).

The remaining teams in each age group become the top tier teams and the new teams that have moved up will fill in the bottom tiers of that age group. Information that you provide on the team fact sheet, what information your association provides, the number of teams, the previous season record, etc all combine to finalize the age group's divisions that are then approved by all associations.

MSA's goal is to have 6 teams in each division and to have equal playing abilities in each division. In some case, MSA cannot put together 6 team brackets. When this occurs, those divisions will have some games that will be non-conference games (noted on the game schedule) and do not count in the standings. Your AGC reviews and determines standings at the end of the season.

REFEREES: Referees come in all ages and experience levels. Referees are as young as 12. Each association and MSA works constantly to improve referees. If you feel that there is an issue with a referee, then someone needs to find the board member on duty or Field Marshal to come to your game to hear your concerns.

HOWEVER, no one can change a referee's call, but the referee. Yelling or screaming will not alter the call and could result in a warning or ejection of the coach. MSA does have a referee critique form on the web site. We ask that you complete one for every game as we want to improve the referees or pass on praise. Games can be protested, but only for certain reasons. Again these reasons are in North Texas Bylaws.

SPORTSMANSHIP: As a coach you are responsible for yourself, your team, and your spectators. Please be sure that you have read and familiarized yourself with your home association's Bylaws, MSA Bylaws, and North Texas, which is the parent organization for all our associations.

There is a Code of Conduct for coaches, players, and spectators that all associations require their coaches, players and parents to know in the North Texas Bylaws. Ignorance is not an excuse. North Texas has a Zero Tolerance Policy for spectator's behavior. You as the coach can be disciplined for your spectator's poor behavior by being ejected from the game. Please instill sportsmanship in your players and the spectators by being a good example. This is a child's game. Please remember that each player is to play 50% of each game and that running up the score does not prove you are the better team. Respect is mandatory from everyone. No one, especially a young child, wants to be yelled at.

WATER BREAKS: MSA has a policy that water breaks are mandatory if the temperature is >90 or if one coach asks. Please review.

SCORES/CARDS: Each association sends in the scores of each game, not the coach. They also report any yellow or red cards given. Please review the section of the North Texas Bylaws on cards. These do add up during the soccer year (August thru May) and a sit out does happen when a player reaches a certain number of yellow cards. A player must sit out the next game when he/she receives a straight red card (2 yellows in a game equals a red, but not a sit out). A coach ejection also means the coach cannot coach in the next game. The player or the coach must attend the next game to have the sit out form signed by the referee. The sit out form is turned in with the game sheet. Neither can participate in the game, but may watch the game. MSA's Vice President monitors the status of cards weekly.

FIELD STATUS: on MSA's web site is the status of each association's fields as to closures. Due to the distance between our associations, it is a good idea to check to be sure that where you are going is still open. Sunshine here may be rain there.

UNIFORMS: MSA recognizes that all players may not have their uniform before the first game, especially with late registrations. The player must be listed on your roster and all players must have a uniform by the 2nd week of the season to play. All jerseys have numbers-no tape or marker numbers AND all numbers must be on your roster. You or your team manager must enter these in the team's Got Soccer account.

We strive to create a great soccer experience for all ages. On behalf of MSA's Executive Board, we wish each of you a great season.